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Climate Strike Toolkit

Het Amerikaanse Labor Network for Sustainability maakte in augustus 2019 deze handleiding (Engelstalig) om scholierenacties voor het klimaat te ondersteunen, met daarin ook veel aandacht voor de acties in België.



Why should you join the climate strike?

How can you organize for the climate strike? 

  • Following Young People’s Leadership & Finding Partners 
  • Spread the word 
  • Gather pledges
  • Open a discussion with your employer
  • Mobilize your union 

How should you talk with your co-workers about the climate strike?

  • Introducing 
  • Ask questions: start a conversation 
  • There is a plan to take action!
  • Ask
  • Answering questions and criticisms 

What should you do on the day of the climate strike?

  • Walk-outs 
  • Community actions
  • Stay-ins

Can you be subject to punishment? 

What about future action? 

Can climate strikes can have an impact?

What’s the backstory of the Student Climate Strike? 

Appendix: Resources

  • Statement by Greta Thunberg and 46 youth activists
  • Sample Draft Call to Climate Action
  • Example of a Call for Student Strikes for Climate in the US 
  • Massachusetts Teachers Association NEA, Climate Strike Resolution
  • Shareholder resolution on climate submitted by Amazon employees